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Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl


It feels like it’s been ages since I’ve actually had the time to sit down and read, or write about what I read; most of the reading I’ve been doing I owe entirely to the lovely New York City subway system. And what time I have had between work and play, I have been dedicating to my own writing, in honor of national novel writing month. And let me tell you, making up your own world is a lot more tiring that reading about someone else’s! At least that’s what I think…any writers out there agree?

In any event, I have recovered from my melancholia that ensued when I finished the three published books of the Cinder series (though, Marissa Meyers, if you want to leak that Winter book, I’d be all for it) and have latched onto a new: Beautiful Creatures.

I’m a little late on the trend: Little, Brown first published this first book in the Caster Chronicles series in 2009, and the movie was released just under a year ago. The book inside pages (I have the cheesy mass market paperback with the movie cover, because it was cheapest) reports that the dual authors, Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl, came to lunch with two ideas: one wanted to detail life in the South while the other wanted to spark a new YA fantasy trend. The result is a novel with firm setting and gripping other-worldly appeal.

It’s been awhile since I’ve read a first person male voice. Also, all of my recent series have had the protagonist had the “fantasy” happening inside of them: Cinder is a cyborg; Tessa is a (spoiler) warlock. But Ethan is mortal. He just happens to be a teenager who has the same dreams as a girl he’s never met. (Okay, come to think of it, maybe Ethan isn’t a regular mortal. This is why I have to finish the series!)

Ethan sings his “wishing song” – his hope to get out of his small Southern town of Gatlin – throughout his first day of sophomore year of high school. As if on cue, a new girl, Lena, moves to town and captures his heart. But Lena isn’t a normal high schooler; she’s a Caster (don’t call her a witch!), and a special one at that: Ethan isn’t the only one who wants to get to her.

Garcia and Stohl turned up the romance factor in their debut joint novel. The beauty of it is, it’s the subtle passion of Twilight plus the constant adventure of Harry Potter. The novel is always moving, always turning, but throughout, Ethan and Lena are together, and they’re pretty adorable throughout. Lena can get a bit whiny sometimes; but maybe we can give that to her, since she sort of has the weight of the Caster world on her shoulders?